Saturday, 2 August 2014

Fourteenth Sunday in ordinary time ]
sunday  6th July 2014

Calendar: Mass Times and Intentions :–

Mon. 7th July: 14th week in Ordinary Time:
Bantry:  10am     Michael J. O’Sullivan & Mary T.       O’Sullivan – Droumleigh North

Tues. 8th  July: 14th Week in Ordinary Time:
Bantry: 10am  Ann McCarthy – Slip Lawn  
Wed. 9th July:  14th  week in Ordinary Time:
Bantry:   10am   Lily & Pat McSweeney - Coomanore   
Hospital:  5.30pm  Dan & Peggy O’Shea - Adrigole        
Thurs. 10th  July: 14th week in Ordinary time:
Bantry:     10am  John & Mary Cronin – Coomhola

Friday 11th July: 14th Week in Ordinary Time:
Bantry     10am    John J. McCarthy - Scartbawn
Kealkil: 7.30pm  Kitty & Danny O’Sullivan -                   

Sat.  12th July: 14th week in Ordinary Time:
Hospital: 10am   Con Collins
Bantry: 6.15pm  Mark Joseph Delaney–Blackrock Road
                            2nd Anniversary
Sun. 13th July: Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Bantry:        9am    Elizabeth Burke – Glengarriff Road
Coomhola:  10am  Maura Cronin – Derrincullig, Borlin
Kealkil:       11am   Mary Fahey - Gortloughera
Bantry:        12noon        People of the Parish

The Deep End  
‘All you who are weary…’

Jesus had little success with the ‘professionals’ of his day. Yet in today’s Gospel he bursts into a prayer of thanksgiving for revealing wisdom to those who are considered ‘infants’. In the context of these chapters of Matthew, it is stressed that the poor are the only ones who truly understand the wisdom of God and they do so under the weight of great oppression and demands placed on them by the religious authorities. For example, the ‘wise’ place their particular interpretation of the law on the ‘ritually unclean’ by excluding them from meals (9:10-13) or place restrictions on the Sabbath that ignore human need (12:1014).
Jesus wants people to leave aside these oppressors and learn from him; find rest in him. His focus is on mercy, compassion and love. This passage shows the tenderness with which Jesus welcomes and accepts. Jesus knows the reality of people’s suffering. He is not saying that there are no burdens in life; but that he will help people to find wisdom. This wisdom gives consolation, tenderness, acceptance and the rest for which the soul yearns.
‘Lowliness is humility, and that means down-to-earth realism. I accept myself as the raw material God has chosen to work through. For God can use me if I am ready to be me. God cannot do much with me as I wish I were, and even less with me tring to be someone else. In supple strength and cheerful self-acceptance lies the sercret of a calm and restful spirit.’ (William Yeomans)

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Recent Parish Weddings
We congratulate Eilish O’Sullivan (Kealkil) and Michael Duggan (Douglas, Cork) who were married in the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Kealkil, on Friday 27th June 2014. We wish Eilis & Michael long & happy lives together.

Traditional Latin Mass
(Missal of Blessed John XXIII)
will be offered on Friday, July 11th,
7.30 pm at St. Finbarr's Church, Bantry
by kind permission of
Fr Martin Keohane P.P.
The celebrant will be Fr. Christopher Cullen, S.J., Fordham University, New York.

Recent Parish Baptisms:
Sadie Mae O’Donoghue – O’Leary
(Knocknaveagh Close, Seskin, Bantry),
We welcome her into our Christian Community

Blessings for Summer

Take time to claim your strength;
they are gifts of God.

Take time to have fun;
it's God's way of teaching you your strengths.

Take time to grow yourself;
only you can grow you.

Take time to trust yourself;
God trusts you.

Take time to be self-reliant;
it is better than being dependent.

Take time to share with others;
they will bless you, and you will bless them.

Take time to have hope,
you are a child of God.

Let's put ourselves into the hands of the Lord,
and pray that God will bless us and our families
during the wonderful months of summer.
May we all help make our home a place of relaxation,
joy, love, peace and safety.
May we be generous and considerate,
not thinking only about ourselves,
but helping others enjoy the blessings of a summertime.

Lord God, Creator of all things,
guide our steps and strengthen our hearts,
during these months of summer and vacation days.
Grant us refreshment of mind and body.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

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