Monday, 25 March 2013


 When we ask for a wake up call from a family member or in a Guest House or a hotel, we hope and trust it will happen. Wake up call… a phrase we often use. It means a new way of looking on something.

 Wake Up Call

Easter is a wake up call – to a beautiful day and a wonderful way of life. Christ is Risen… He is Risen indeed.

You can bury truth but it will always rise again. The truth of our faith – we come from God and we go to God. Jesus found that too at Easter. Nothing not even death could keep him from returning in Glory to God.

But in between…that’s where we are now. And today is the new wake up call. Remember waking up – to a big day. Graduation, ordination, wedding, holiday, falling in love, your child’s birthday, going to a new school,– these are awakenings to a new day.

Or to a bad day, a funeral, redundancy, illness. We know some day we will waken for the last time. The last time this side anyway.

Celebrating Easter – wakening up to a big new world in and around us, and Easter really is every day.

New Friendship

Every day is a discovery of the friendship of Jesus…always there, always new. To the call to partnership with him in his saving work for the world. To joy in all times, even bad.

We look at Mary of Magdala after Jesus death as recounted in the gospel. All seemed lost when she last went to sleep on a dark night. Now all is new because of Jesus. Her life has changed; his wakening after death means we can all wake up now – to love, call, joy.

 We can be new – He is Risen.

 The Church can be new – He is Risen.

The world can be new – He is Risen.

 Adapted from an Easter Reflection by Donal Neary SJ

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