Friday, 29 March 2013


 Adapted below is a prayer path from Donal Neary SJ.

 Easter Time


His is not here, he is risen (Mt 28:6)

 Prayer for the Week

Jesus, in death you become like us to the end,

and in the resurrection you point the way to what we will be.

In bad times give us confidence and faith,

in good times give us hope and joy,

and in all times give us love,

because you are love and hope from God. Amen.

Reflection for the Day

Everyone who met Jesus after the resurrection knew him

well by sight. They had walked with him, talked with him, gone through some of the passion with him. But they did not recognise him. Even his closest friends.

Something about him – or everything – was different, In

the risen Lord is something totally new. Knowledge of Jesus now is by faith, and it is the same for ourselves.

We half recognise him and then he passes us by. We hear rumours of Jesus, or echoes of his voice. Faith, while it is sure, needs light. Should we be surprised that we don’t recognise him any more easily than his friends did? We live happily in the love of faith which needs light and invites our openness to let that light in.

Action for the First 10 Days of Easter Time from Easter Week

Think of Easter on rising, at noon and on retiring, and say the Glory Be.

And if you like continue this then for the following 40 days.


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