Monday, 25 March 2013


Holy Week in Bantry Parish 2013
Monday 25th March: Bantry: 10am & 7.30pm

Tuesday 26th March: Bantry: 10am & 7.30pm

Wed. 27th March:     

                                                Bantry: 10am Mass

                                                Hospital: 5.30pm Mass

Easter Triduum (3 day preparation for Easter)

Holy Thursday, 28th March:            Mass of the Lord’s Supper

                              Bantry:                 No 10am Morning Mass

                                                            N.B. 6.15pm – Mass

                                                            Holy Hour – 10pm-11pm (Eucharistic Adoration)

                              Coomhola:           7.30pm – Mass

                              Kealkil:                 8.00pm – Mass                       Trocaire Boxes can be returned



Good Friday, 29th March—Day of Fast & Abstinence – (Devotion to the Passion of Christ)

There will be a Special Collection on Good Friday to support & maintain Holy Places.

                              Bantry:     12 noon — Stations of the Cross

                                                3.00pm — Solemn Liturgy of the Passion

                              Kealkil:     3.00pm — Stations of the Cross & Solemn Liturgy

                              Coomhola;           7.30pm — Stations of the Cross & Solemn Liturgy

Confessions before Ceremonies on Good Friday in Kealkil Church            

Holy Saturday, 30th March: Easter Vigil:

(Services of Light, Word, Baptismal Water & Eucharist)

                              Bantry Hospital: 10.00am – Morning Prayer

                              Coomhola: 8.00pm Easter Vigil

                              Bantry:     9pm Easter Vigil

                              Kealkil:     9.30pm Easter Vigil


Confessions on Holy Saturday: Bantry Church: 12noon

Easter Sunday: 31st March:             The Lord has Risen 

                              Hospital:               8.00am (please note extra Mass)     

                              Bantry:                 9.00am & 12.00 noon

                              Coomhola:           10.00am

                              Kealkil:                 11.00am

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